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QR Codes

QR codes - what are they and do people use them?



QR stands for quick response. A QR code is designed to be scanned by a mobile device via an app and to deliver the user to a web address, image or even send the scanning device information like contact information or even send your Google map location straight to the device.

Many QR codes go unnoticed. They just look boring and with no real reason for people to actually scan them. But when use properly in the right situation they do get used.



QR code work best when they present the user with an easier time saving option. Displaying it on your business card is a good example. It’s far easier to scan all your contact details into their phone than manually typing it in there. Once scanned QR code readers will give the option to enter all the scanned contact information straight into your phones contact list.. job done.

If you really want to grab peoples attention and have your media look great its best to try and steer clear of the boring standard look of the default QR code.

Qr code have been around for a long time but on the most part they have been used in the wrong way and often look drab and uninviting. In this lens I want to share a few ideas on how best to use your QR codes so they actually get scanned and that the user has a good user experience.

All the QR codes in the article are scannable. If you have a mobile device but have yet to grab yourself a scanner, perhaps now is a good time to do this and have a go At scanning the QR codes in this lens.

To download a scanner app simple go to the place on your mobile device here you download your apps and search for QR scanners pretty much all of them are free. my phone is android so for anyone else with an android phone I recommend searching for the QR scanner called Snap.


 Qr Codes Don’t Have to Be Boring

Bring Them To Life

A standard QR code has a similar attraction value as a plain old bar code.. Which, lets face it, isn’t anything to write home about lets be honest. If you want your QR code to get noticed and scanned you have to breath some life into it and make it more inviting. Dare to be different and have your QR codes designed to give them the wow factor and compel people to give them a scan.

Mark Daynes designs QR codes and has a few ideas to help you think of an idea for your own. You can see some of his designs here mark daynes


Bespoke Twitter Accounts

I’ve just finished designing The Rainforests new twitter account, check it out. I reckon It’s looking pretty good, even if I do say so myself. Designing is one of my passions and I just love to apply it, amongst other things, to creating twitter accounts with what I hope is a little wow factor. I believe when it comes to the web, you gotta keep things simple. Too easy to get involved with the big old information overload. Keeping it simple with the focus on the actual content will get you to where you want to be.

Where Good Ideas Come From

Came across this video some time ago. I just love to spend my time on creative ideas and so this really struck a cord with me. The whole subject as to “where good ideas come from” is a fascinating one. I also think the video representation is award winning too. As for the actual book, well, I keep promising myself I’ll order it soon or tell enough people about it and maybe it will give them a good idea as to what to get me for my next birthday.

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